Welcome Internet Traveller

I have loved ancient Egypt and Egyptology from a young age and as a young woman wanting to get started in this field, I am curious about those who came before me and the history of ancient Egypt.

Having recently completed my masters in Egyptology and wondering what I am going to do now that my hours and hours of pouring over library books has stopped. I landed on the idea of a blog. This blog would not only allow me to do a different kind of writing but also allow me to research people and topics that I haven’t yet been able to do whilst studying.

The first step for me was to find a title for my blog – which is not easy and after a while you think you are never going to get it but I have. Welcome…..To ‘The Curious Egyptologist’. Curious because that’s what I am and Egyptologist well that bit is obvious. Each couple of weeks I will try and post something that I have researched that I find interesting or that I find fascinating. I hope you enjoy – now lets dive in.