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Imhotep Vizier of Works

Now you may have heard of the famed ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep or if you are a fan of a certain set of films including 1932's The Mummy and an early 2000s film franchise. But away from the Hollywood versions Imhotep was the Vizier and Overseer of Works of King Djoser and is credited as… Continue reading Imhotep Vizier of Works

Khnum – Potter of Mankind

Pottery, Souls, Floods and the creation of the world all connect the subject of my blog this week, the ram-headed God Khnum ‘Potter of Mankind’ and ‘Lord of the Cataract’. Figure 1: Temple relief fragment of the god Khnum EA635 Appearance Figure 2: 'Amun' Ram- headed sphinxes at Luxor Temple - Authors Own Photo… Continue reading Khnum – Potter of Mankind

The HEB -SED Festival – A royal Jubilee

This week here in the UK we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and so it has got me thinking about what a jubilee celebration for a pharaoh would look like. Luckily there is such a celebration recorded from ancient Egypt the Heb-Sed festival or more simply the Sed festival. Figure 1:… Continue reading The HEB -SED Festival – A royal Jubilee

Seshat – She who is foremost in the Library

I have spent a lot of time surrounded by books all about ancient Egypt so it feels only right that I introduce you to the goddess Seshat mistress of the library. As it is more than likely that as I write my blogs she would be the one to guide me. So let dive in… Continue reading Seshat – She who is foremost in the Library

Meret-Neith – The first female pharaoh?

This week I am taking us all right back to the time of the unification of Egypt when the ancient Egypt that we think of was in its infancy. Only three women are definitely known to have ruled Dynastic Egypt as kings each taking the throne. Three other women have acted as queen regents although… Continue reading Meret-Neith – The first female pharaoh?

The Chariot in Ancient Egpyt- a military innovation

What image do you conjure up when thinking of ancient Egypt? King Tutankhamun's Deathmask, a mummy or just the pyramids at Giza? I bet somewhere mixed among those images is probably that of a Pharoah astride his noble chariot riding into battle.  But how did the chariot come to be a pivotal piece of ancient… Continue reading The Chariot in Ancient Egpyt- a military innovation

How can I pick just one?

Inspired by a recent chat I had with a friend which started as a harmless comment of 'so what's your favourite fact about ancient Egypt?’. A common question for Egyptologists or those with just an interest in history. This promptly turned into a two hours conversation with topics ranging from talking about ancient Egyptian soldiers,… Continue reading How can I pick just one?

Bes – the tambourine shaking, snake strangling, protector of children

Figure 1: The bes jar from the Ashmolean that inspired this week's blog. Authors own photo This week’s blog is inspired by a recent trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford when I was reminded about how charming and intriguer Bes jars are (Figure 1). So, this set me off on a little adventure reading… Continue reading Bes – the tambourine shaking, snake strangling, protector of children

Sekhmet – she who is powerful

I have been promising that I would cover this goddess for a long time and given that a few of my most recent blogs have been on topics of the feline variety why not make it a hattrick? This week I have delved into the mythology, meaning and worship of the feared lioness goddess Sekhmet… Continue reading Sekhmet – she who is powerful

What day is it? The Calendar in Ancient Egpyt

As promised in my last post I will kick off the second month of 2022 by taking a look at the taking ancient Egyptian calendar. Now had I been a little less busy at work I would have chosen this as my first topic back in the new year but sometimes it is a bit… Continue reading What day is it? The Calendar in Ancient Egpyt