Demons in Ancient Egpyt

What would you be scared of haunting your dreams or what creature from the depths of the underworld could cause you a headache? For the last of my blogs in October and in keeping with the spooky season, I have chosen to have a look at demons in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians considered there… Continue reading Demons in Ancient Egpyt


Corn Mummies

It is now October which means that mummy costumes, pumpkins and the rustling of corn mazes might be out to calling you? Last October I explored curses. So, I thought I would combine two autumnal themes into this week’s blog and a look at corn mummies and Osiris beds. It might not sound like these… Continue reading Corn Mummies

Ghosts, Curses and Mummies oh my!

It is Halloween this week so it seemed the perfect time to explore the Ancient Egyptians' beliefs around ghosts, ghost stories and curses. There has to be a reason why a mummy is a classic Halloween costume and mummy curses exist.  Ghosts in Ancient Egypt Although not referred to as ‘ghosts’ per say, the ancient… Continue reading Ghosts, Curses and Mummies oh my!