Khnum – Potter of Mankind

Pottery, Souls, Floods and the creation of the world all connect the subject of my blog this week, the ram-headed God Khnum ‘Potter of Mankind’ and ‘Lord of the Cataract’. Figure 1: Temple relief fragment of the god Khnum EA635 Appearance Figure 2: 'Amun' Ram- headed sphinxes at Luxor Temple - Authors Own Photo… Continue reading Khnum – Potter of Mankind

Ships and Boats in Ancient Egypt

As I currently swelter in a heatwave, I began to daydream about being on a boat with a nice breeze cooling me down. And that got me thinking about boats and ships sailing up and down the river Nile with a gentle river breeze – yes, I know very romanticised but just give me this… Continue reading Ships and Boats in Ancient Egypt